dimanche 16 septembre 2007

Tran Quang Hai 's performances with Jew's harp, Spoons, and Overtone singing

Sequences present Tran Quang Hai’s performances on different sites such as youtube.com, etc…

Séquences présente les jeux de guimbardes, de cuillers et du chant diphonique par Tran Quang Hai sur différents sites comme youtube.com, etc…

Tran Quang Hai bie^ ?u die^~n dda`n mo^i, muo^~ng, ha’t ddo^`ng song thanh tre^n ca’c trang nha` nhu+ youtube.com, vv…

Tran Quang Hai plays the Jew’s Harp (2006 in Paris)

Tran Quang Hai plays the spoons (2006 in Paris)

Tran Quang Hai plays the Jew’s harp in Metz (2006 in Metz, France)

Tran Quang Hai performs techno in a jew's harp (2006 in Brazil)

Tran Quang Hai plays with spoons at a fair in Rio de Janeiro (2006)

BachYen_TranQuangHai VA 27-8-2006 part 1(2006 in Virginia,USA)

BachYen_TranQuangHai VA 27-8-2006 part 2 (2006 in Virginia, USA)

MAP 32-Tran Quang HAI-Musee de l'homme (2006, Paris, France)

Tran Quang Hai at Bach Yen’s show in Orange County (2007 in USA)

Tran Quang Hai - Omaggio Demetrio Stratos16th Jun 2007 (2007, Italy)


1 commentaire:

Anonyme a dit…

AWSOME , INCREDIBLE , How a man could play the Jew's harp in such a way !
And the spoons ! And the throat singing !
What a virtuoso you are !

Roger McLean
Wellington , NZ